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Sell Supercharger Kit for 50cc Motorcycle, Moped, Scooter

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  • Address: Canyon Ave, 7 Toronto Ontario M2R 3A6 Canada
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  • Contact: S. Simand
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The intention is to make motorcycles like ZS50F, JY48Q-2, Z50, C50 and other similar bikes more attractive for users and more competitive on market.  These vehicles are equipped with 50cc four-stroke single-cylinder engines like 1P39FMB, 139FMA, ZS139FMB, Z50, C50  and other similar engines.  Mechanical superchargers as additional devices should be adapted to these vehicles power trains for their better performance.

The Supercharger is a positive displacement pump.  This "true compressor" has a unique, patented and simple design, acceptable reliability, and light weight. By supplying the engine with compressed fresh air the proposed Supercharger Kit dramatically improves performance of an internal combustion engine of 50 cc displacement used for mopeds, scooterettes, mini-motorcycles, motor bikes (monkey and ape like) and scooters. The Supercharger (positive displacement pump, air compressor) as a main unit of the Supercharger Kit supplies the given naturally aspirated engine with as much as additional 40%-75% fresh air.  Power and torque of an engine increase accordingly.

Easily manufactured, mass production of these Supercharger Kits is based on an inexpensive in-house designed air pump, which offers power boosting and torque increase of up to 75%. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooterettes equipped with the four-stroke 50cc engines enjoy the greater benefits from the Supercharger running at 500 rpm through 10,500 rpm.

The developed Supercharger is simple in design and substantially inexpensive respectively no more than 300 USD per a Supercharger Kit.

We are looking for Joint-Venture opportunities to launch the mass production of the developed supercharger kit and to put it into the market.

Additional information and data are available upon request.
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